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11 May

Learn How to Install a Bathtub

The bathtub is an immovable fixture and a constant in your home until you actually need to replace it, then all bets are off. Installing a new bathtub comes with its own set of challenges, all of which we are more than ready to help you meet, right now. We’re going to start with the most obvious part of learning how to install a bathtub

The First Step: Removing the Tub

Before you get started, the most obvious step will be to make sure that you’re able to move the tub through the bathroom doorway, and in that same vein, making sure that the tub is going to fit in place once you’re ready to install it. Once you have verified these things, follow these steps for the tub removal:

1. Turn off the water this is normally accomplished by turning the valve atop your water heater, but it could vary from home to home.
2. Once the water is turned off, open a faucet below the tub level for drainage.
3. Remove faucet, spout, and drain
4. Once the piping is disconnected, lift the tub from its resting place.
5. Remove old tub from bathroom.

The Second Step: Installing the New Tub

Your next step will be to install the new bathtub, and when you purchase the new tub, do make sure that the drain is on the same side. If it is not an exact fit, modification will be required. If not, then you can follow the steps in reverse to install your new tub.

1. Connect the drain Accomplish this by installing the rubber gasket on the tub overflow tube, then use the fittings to attach the stopper to the retaining bracket. Finally, apply plumber’s putty around the drain flange before attaching the drain to the tub.
2. Connect the stopper From the stopper, route the chain through the bathtub beside the retaining bracket.
3. Once the stopper is in place, lift the tub into place and insert the drain.
Remember that over time, the stopper may become displaced, and it will occasionally need to be corrected do this gently using a hammer if it should ever become an issue. Once you have completed these steps, congratulations, you have learned how to install a bathtub, and you’re ready to start using it!