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11 Jul

Katana – Basic Information

Weapons has a very important role, when we talk about human history. They were important for animal hunting and survival of human race. BladesPro is an important weapon, which was used in different parts of the world, in different forms. Let’s try to get some basic information about this weapon.

What is Katana?

A long Sword is called “Katana” in Japanese. This sword is single edged and has a slight curve. The point of sword is pointed. Initially, it was a straight curved sword but for the ease of use, it was curved at some later stage.

Making of Katana

When these Katanas were made for the first time, it was something unique. However, when the smiths try to make sturdy swords, the result was brittle. To overcome this problem, they folded the steel many times, and get strong blades. The folding make it strong enough and prevented from breaking.

Testing of Katana

Testing was an important part of Katana manufacturing.  To test the elasticity of katana it was bended. If the blade retuned to its original shape, it passed the test. If it was broken during the test or blade changed its shape, it failed the test.

Caring of Katana

Proper caring of katana is also very important. For instance, it should be fit into the Sheath. It should be properly cleaned with sword oil. Few drops of oil will be enough for cleaning. Both sides of the blade should be cleaned.  After that it should be cleaned with rice paper and in the end blade should be dusted with powder ball. Both sides should be polished before putting it back in sheath. Improper handling of the weapon, can cause serious injuries. Moreover, it should be kept out of the reach of children.

This is basic information about katana, if you want more information, you can search the internet or history books.