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23 Sep

Most Powerful Flashlight – Different Types Are Available

Flashlights are part of our lives. If you are going for evening walk or you are camping outside flashlight is important to carry with you. With the advancement of technology in every field, we can find verity of flashlights too. It is very important to know about different available choices, if you are looking for most powerful flashlight. Here, we are discussing different types of flashlights, which are available in the market these days.
• Pocket flashlights: These lights cannot be considered most powerful flashlights. However, they are easy to carry due to their small size. They are affordable and good for everyday use. However, if you have some specific tasks in mind, they might not be suitable.
• Tube flashlights: They are considered the first flashlights, which can be most powerful flashlight as well. Their shape is cylindrical. Initially, incandescent bulb was the light source, but now a day LED light is also used. They are available in different sizes and lengths.
• Shake flashlights: They are the latest flashlights and are getting famous with every passing day. They don’t need batteries as power source, instead you have to shake the light for 30 seconds and the light will lit for few minutes. When the power of lights reduces, you need to shake it again and that’s all. They are not most powerful flashlights, though they are expansive.
• Tactical flashlights: They are considered the most powerful flashlights, which are used for specific purposes. Mostly, law enforcing agencies use these lights. The light is so powerful that it can cause temporary blindness is a person. They are not very small in size, but a person can carry them with one hand.
• Dive flashlights: They are also very powerful lights and designed for sea divers and scuba divers. They are waterproof and powerful as compared to the ordinary lights.