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28 Jun

Ad of the Day: Fiat 500

If you have drive Fiat 500, you know that it is a good looking and high on performance car. It is zippy and also gives a pretty good mileage. It is a stylish car that is loved by the Millenials because of the ease with which they can park it in tight spots. While there can be no tw opinions about the car being good, the same cannot be said about the latest ad launched by the company on television. In fact, many experts believe that the company was better off without using this commercial on television. If you are looking for Ad of the day Fiat 500 would top the list if the ads are nonsensical in nature.


Those who have seen this ad with actors wearing horse face masks feel that it is a terrible ad that made them feel bad rather than inspiring them to buy Fiat 500. In fact, many of the customers who are already driving Fiat 500 said after watching this ad that they did not like the ad at all. Rather than highlighting the positive features of the car and compelling more people to go for this car, Ad of the day Fiat 500 makes it difficult for the people to decide in favor of Fiat 500.


Unleash the horses, says this ad of Fiat 500.  But instead of giving the impression that you get a the power of so many horses when you drive this car, it actually turns buyers away from the car. Owner of the car and another person (both wearing horse masks) are standing with the bonnet of the car open. Horses are flying out of the engine of the car. Another GIF shown in this ad depicts a cat seeing Fiat 500 going round and round on a computer monitor and trying to catch it with her paws.