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1 Aug

Using Clippas on your Dog

The time has finally come when you are ready to cut excess hair from the fur of your dog. You are excited as hell but also a little worried at the back of your mind as you have never used a dog clipper before in your life. There have been instances where dog owners have hurt their dogs or caused pain to them while trying to cut their excess hair. But times have changed and advancement in technology has enabled companies to introduce Clippas that easily and swiftly do their job without causing any discomfort to the dog.


Buy clippers that do not make awful noise during operation

Does your dog run away as soon as he hears the sound made by a dog clipper? Dogs become frightened as they associate the buzzing sound with discomfort and possible pain during grooming. If this is the case with your pet, it is prudent to search for Clippas that are soundless, so to speak. Andis is the company that makes dog clippers that are practically noiseless. Your dog’s grooming is complete before he discovers what you are trying to do. Another advantage of buying Andis dog clipper is that the device remains cool even after using it for several minutes. So you can remain sure of a clipper that goes on and on without getting overheated during use.


Build quality should be high

There is another brand of dog clippers that has become very popular among dog owners. It is called Oster and the reasons behind its popularity are its solid design and build quality. This dog clipper inspired confidence when it comes in your hand. You know your dog clipper is high quality and it is going to last a long time even if you use it frequently on your dog’s grooming.