Thermal Paste For CPU – Application Methods

4 Oct

Thermal Paste For CPU – Application Methods

Computers are indispensable parts of our lives and now we need them in offices, homes, markets, everywhere. For the proper functioning of computer, it is very important to keep it cool. serves the purpose and its keeps your machine working in a proper condition. You can easily apply it, when you feel the need.

Thermal paste for CPU is easy to apply, however, there are certain method of application. A big mistake, which people usually do, is the application of the paste in large amount. They think that more paste offers more protection, but this is not the case. Rather, a thin layer of thermal paste for CPU will serve the best. Here are some methods to apply this paste in most effective manner.

  • Pea Method

This is considered the most popular method of thermal paste application. A pea size drop of paste will be enough. It will be place on the graphic card of a cooler will be mounted on it, and that’s it. It is really simple and that makes it a popular method.

  • Vertical line method

Thermal paste for CPU is applied in a very thin vertical line on the surface of IHS. Then it is spread properly and evenly on the surface.

  • Circular method

Apply the thermal paste for CPU in the form of a circle on the surface of HIS and then evenly spread it. However, make sure that your circle is very thin and you are not applying it in large amount.

These are just the few methods, the aim is to apply the thermal paste for CPU in a very thin layer. Less is more, is the key. So, no matter what is the method you are going to follow, make sure that you do it properly, evenly and in thin layer.



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